Nant Bidy

A recently bolted crag with a huge potential.

Nant Bidy might be one of the best crags in the UAE/Oman border but....

  • first, there are relatively few parking places. Park sensibly, there are some parking places below and before the old man's house (on the other side of the wadi), but do not attempt to reach the crag on the left bank as you would cross an old cemetery.
    This is a sensitive area, Do not overload the parkings, if they are all full you should consider climbing elsewhere.
    The nearby Wadi Khab Al Shamsi has a lot of offering.
  • second, a huge multipitch route has been bolted over there. If a team is engaged in that route it would be again very wise to consider climbing elsewhere or at least to limit yourself to Rainbow Crag.
    "There is a potential (almost certain) risk for falling rock, cut ropes and debilitating exposure."

I could not put it better than Pete, local climbing guru and legend, Aldwinckle :

"The residents of Bidy should not have to put up with inconsiderate driving or parking, car door slamming, indiscreetly dressed climbers, litter and rubbish...
If you're going to Nant Bidy, be on your very best behaviour at all times."