is by far the most versatile and welcoming climbing area in the region.

With more than a 100 routes spread over 10 sectors (including Shark Fins, which deserves a second youth, and Wadi Donc), with grades ranging from 2b to 8b, single pitch and multipitch and many different styles of climbing there are options for everyone.

The main wall gets afternoon shade (starting at 10am in the winter and 2pm at the height of the summer).

Border crossing might seem cumbersome at first, but once you've figured out the rules it's pretty straightforward (2016 !) and remains the most accesible crag from Abu dhabi, Al Ain and most parts of Dubai.

Firstly discovered, and christened, by some hard core british tradsters at the turn of the last century, WonderWall still hosts a few traditional routes (including daunting multipitch) and the unwritten law clearly stipulates that the WonderSlab area should be left virgin of any bolts. An old topo (by Alan Stark) can still be found here.

The sandy dunes at the foot of the crag are also one of the greatest place to spend your Friday evening away from the city frenziness. With a special mention for Camp Rech, best base camp ever (recently made slacklining friendly !).

Please help keeping this place so special by respecting its inhabitants and by taking all your garbage home.